Brain Complex - Ultra Neuro-Nootropic Formula
Brain Complex is an advanced Ultra Neuro-Nootropic formula designed to support mental and cognitive performance. This powerful supplement mix is specially formulated to improve focus, memory and concentration, allowing you to function optimally in your daily activities.
With its synergistic effect, Brain Complex provides balanced support for both the central and peripheral nervous systems. This therapeutic formula combines carefully selected ingredients that complement and strengthen each other, boosting your brain and making you feel more alert and sharper.
Taurine - 530 mg
Taurine, an amino acid also known as aminosulfonic acid due to its sulfur content, plays a crucial role in providing energy and oxygen to the body. In addition to these functions, taurine also has other important properties. It is produced by all mammals and is one of the most abundant amino acids, found in various tissues. Dietary sources of taurine are primarily protein-rich, animal foods such as meat, fish, shellfish, poultry and eggs.
Although the body is able to produce taurine itself from the amino acids methionine and cysteine, these sources are often suboptimal. That is why taurine supplementation can offer a good solution. Taurine works closely with zinc and therefore has a synergistic effect with this mineral. It is therefore very important to get enough zinc.