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ILHWA GINST15 Multi-Vita - 180 tabl.
The most complete multi-vitamins through the addition of GINST15 extract and FBCx. With GINST15, the ginsenosides are 15x better absorbed into the blood and absorption is 4x faster than with regular ginseng! For example, if you take the standard ginseng, it will take longer than 12 hours for your body to fully absorb it, with the GINST15 extract this takes a maximum of 3 to 4 hours!
FCBx is a fat binder that reduces the fat intake after a meal. Great for a diet and general health.
Multivitamin with GINST15 Ginseng extract and FBCx,  a fat binder to reduce fat intake after a meal. Great for diet and general health.