Folic acid

Brain Complex - Ultra Neuro-Nootropic Formula
Brain Complex is an advanced Ultra Neuro-Nootropic formula designed to support mental and cognitive performance. This powerful supplement mix is specially formulated to improve focus, memory and concentration, allowing you to function optimally in your daily activities.
With its synergistic effect, Brain Complex provides balanced support for both the central and peripheral nervous systems. This therapeutic formula combines carefully selected ingredients that complement and strengthen each other, boosting your brain and making you feel more alert and sharper.
Brain Health Capsules
Discover the ultimate Neuro-Nootropic Formula to support mental and cognitive performance. Our capsules are specially developed for focus, memory and concentration. They provide a holistic approach through a synergistic action that targets the brain, central and peripheral nervous systems. By combining carefully selected ingredients, we support not only neural activity, but also overall brain health. Whether you're studying, working or just want to be mentally sharp, these capsules provide the support you need. Let your mind shine bright and reach your full potential with our Neuro-Nootropic Formula.
Neuro-Nootropic Formula
Mental and Cognitive Performance
Focus, Memory & Concentration
Optimal synergistic action for Brain
Central and Peripheral Nervous System
Folic Acid - 800 mcg
Folic acid (vitamin B11 or B9) contributes to normal cell division and is thus involved in the production of cells and tissues, including red and white blood cells. Folate, by supporting normal blood formation, may help reduce fatigue and contribute to the normal function of the immune system. An adequate intake of folate is beneficial for homocysteine metabolism (production of methioine). Methionine, in turn, is mainly used for the production of S-adenosylmethionine, which is involved as a methyl donor in the production of DNA, RNA phospholipids, proteins and neurotransmitters, among other things. Folate is also necessary for normal brain and functions, and is therefore good for concentration, memory and mood.