Brain Complex - Ultra Neuro-Nootropic Formula
Brain Complex is an advanced Ultra Neuro-Nootropic formula designed to support mental and cognitive performance. This powerful supplement mix is specially formulated to improve focus, memory and concentration, allowing you to function optimally in your daily activities.
With its synergistic effect, Brain Complex provides balanced support for both the central and peripheral nervous systems. This therapeutic formula combines carefully selected ingredients that complement and strengthen each other, boosting your brain and making you feel more alert and sharper.
L-Carnitine - 475 mg
L-Carnitine is often considered an amino acid because of its similar molecular structure. The body uses carnitine for fat burning and as an energy source for the heart muscle. Athletes and people who train intensively often need extra carnitine.
Men generally have a higher need for carnitine than women. L-carnitine is closely related to the B vitamins. The word 'carnitine' comes from the Latin 'carne', which means 'meat'. Carnitine occurs naturally in meat, while the amount of carnitine in plant foods is negligible. Although the body itself can produce carnitine from lysine and methionine, this production is often insufficient when the need is increased.
Ultra Run & Cycle Formula
Unlock your full potential with Ultra Run & Cycle Formula, a powerful supplement designed to optimize both physical and mental performance. This advanced formula stimulates energy production in cells and mitochondria, providing your body with the fuel it needs for peak performance.
By increasing nitric oxide levels, this supplement improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the muscles, reducing fatigue and increasing your endurance. Additionally, it boosts antioxidant activity, which helps to neutralize harmful free radicals and promote overall health.